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“More Info” about the (story) of the game: Hüpfen.

EDIT: It is now March 13, 2013, and Hüpfen has been out there “bouncing” or shall we say “skipping” around the internet confusing and confounding game players everywhere, or at least the 450 some odd players that actually tried to play it. Some things I have learned:

  • 1) Nobody reads the instructions (and for most, “PRESS SPACE KEY” is just too much for them as well)
  • 2) People are confused! They can’t tell “what is going on!” I even had one person say “The graphics SHOULD NOT be tracing! Fix it!” – even the new March 2013 “clear” graphics are still confusing to people.
  • 3) If people would RELAX, they’d find the game a whole lot easier! Most people, well all of them, seem to miss the ZEN aspect of the game wherein you have to calm down and watch what is happening, the less you “spam shoot” the better! But no one is patient enough to try to actually time there shots. Makes me wonder how these people play pool! Patience people!!!!
  • 4) Most people like the art. A few of them even called it “art”. Probably the nicest compliments I will get (and the best really).
  • 5) Some people like the music even! Some don’t. lol
  • 6) It’s good to get feedback on the game, then you can judge whether to continue to “refine” it or not. I’m not sure an iOS version would be worth the effort. So it’s good. Best advice, create games quick, get them out there and get feedback, don’t spend months on a game only to find out no one “gets it”.
  • 7) Maybe I should have made Hüpfen an “artsy” screen saver. Which is not a bad thing to consider, it may lead to other things :)

A “Space Invaders + Missile Command + Pinball” type arcade game. It relies on physics collisions to create the crazy gameplay. I fell in love with the look – that smeary/non-refresh effect with a black & white color scheme. Eventually I envision morphing this into an iOS app – but iOS does not support WebGL, which is a major part of the LOOK of this game. I’ll have to change it to work on non-WebGL devices. But for now, it works in CHROME, and looks great.

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Play Hüpfen Chrome Web Store
Hüpfen Facebook Page


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YouTube video of gameplay from CHROME WEB STORE:

YouTube video of gameplay (Feb 2013 release, non webGL version in Safari web browser):

YouTube video of gameplay (Mar 2013 release, adjusted graphics):

Screenshot of gameplay (Chrome):

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Hüpfen gameplay screen capture

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